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Automotive / Car Dealer Signs

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With the constant activity around the office, automotive dealers are in constant need of promotional materials. Working with a company that can recommend high quality signs or translate promotional materials into sign format is essential for the success of a competitive car dealer.

Temporary versus Permanent Signs

Automotive dealers will need a variety of signs to keep up with their rapidly changing business.

• Large, permanent signs will help depict the type of vehicles sold at your dealership and note the address of your building.

• Temporary vinyl or plastic signs can be used to note sales and special events at your dealership.

• Decals and car signs can be used to note pricing information or other promotional materials on the vehicles themselves.

Large car dealerships may also find they want professional looking signs that note the different office spaces of their employees. Metal, wood or high quality plastic or acrylic signs can be used to point customers to different dealers or to areas where they can find the necessary paperwork or other materials necessary to finalize a sale.

Automotive or car dealers will typically need to change out their signage frequently to reflect current events, so they must remain in contact with a reliable design network.

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