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Zinc signs are an ideal choice for those that will need a long term sign option. This metal can be cut to a variety of shapes, making it useful in any number of situations.

Customers find zinc offers a decorative look that stands out in any environment. It can stand up to high heat without becoming tarnished or losing its shape and density. It can also last in outdoor environments without showing the effects of the elements.

Due to its light feel, zinc can easily be mounted on a wall, but is solid enough that zinc sign can stand on its own as well.

Benefits of Using Zinc

Zinc is not often a customer’s first choice for their signage, but there are several benefits to using this metal.

• Zinc offers many decorative possibilities including tinting, adding texture, printing and adding graphics, or mounting sections to another material.

• The shape, thickness and size of the sign can easily be altered.

Zinc can stand up to precision cutting without losing its natural luster. Adding coloring or imagery will allow the natural beauty of the metal to shine through, creating an interesting effect. Zinc signs are ideal for indoor and outdoor use due to their solid durability.

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