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What is Lamacoid Tags?

Labels are used to identify control panels, tell others your name, inform people of product brands and warn people of dangerous chemicals.  They are found everywhere and its almost impossible not to notice labels in our day to day lives.  Labels can be made from cotton, plastic, metals or even sheets of compressed materials as in the case of lamacoid labels.

Lamacoid labels, otherwise known as Phenolic Sheets, Lamicoid, Bakelite or Norplex, have been used mainly for industrial applications as tags for electrical machinery, wire insulation, general signage and in factory production.  The hard and dense labels are made through a chemical reaction (polymerization) wherein sheets of plastic, glass cloths, fabrics, yarn or paper are subjected to heat and pressure.  The chosen material is then mixed with a synthetic resin to form industrial laminated plastic, which is later cut and engraved with the use of a laser or machine.  The process is a little complicated, but Lamacoid is considered a relatively cost effective material for producing tags and labels for specialized purposes.

The appeal of Lamacoid plastic is that even though its brittle it has high resistance to electricity, heat and chemical reactions making it ideal as a non-conductive part of electrical devices and as heat shields.  In addition, because of the different types of materials one can use to make lamacoid labels, it can be customized for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses making it possible to produce labels that best suit your working environment.

Manufacturers of lamacoid labels produce labels that are only a few millimetres thick, offer front or reverse engraving and offer labels that come in different colours and textures according to customer preferences.

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