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Custom Street Signs For You

Otherwise known as road name tags, street signs tell you which road you are on. Today, they are found everywhere and are the root of all addresses and directions. They are usually on tall poles at intersections and are a highly common traffic sign worldwide. Before the 1900s, buildings and bridges were landmarks for persons to recognize whichever street they were travelling on. The sign would be chiselled on a cornerstone or building with the street’s name on it. With the increase in roads being built, travelling from one place to another became increasingly more common. This resulted in the requirement for signs, especially where there were no bridges or buildings. This was the birth of street signs.

For several years, a street sign that have been personalized have been an ideal gift for whatever occasion. For example, a soccer playing son or a daughter who is a veterinarian can be given a personalized street sign. The internet is the most ideal place to purchase street signs as you are given the opportunity to personalize the signs live.

Majority of street signs that can be customized are available in three sizes in inches – 4×18, 6×24 and 9×36. They are generally created from aluminium and plastic sometimes and the thickness can be between .025 and .080. The available colours are green, red, blue, black, pink, brown, orange and yellow.

The colours that they come in go with every decor. Most street sign lettering are made from premium grade vinyl lettering to make sure that the receiver enjoy the gift for many years. It is durable enough to look wonderful still after over five years of being placed outdoors and will probably last forever if they stay indoors.

Hanging brackets are also available. These are for mounting the sign to walls, the u-channel post, or on the top of a round-shaped post. They do not rust because of the galvanized metal they are made with. Several of the brackets may be used as sign stands for centrepieces on wedding tables. Also, they may be used at conventions or trade shows as directional signs. Most personalized street signs are great for hanging on the wall of a child’s room or on the bookshelf. But they may be placed on a pole on a driveway. The street signs may be used for anything that you can imagine and are also ideal to be given as gag gifts.

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