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Stone signs give lie to the line, “Nothing is set in stone.” Stronger even than HDU signs (high-density urethane) and MDO signs (medium density overlay signs), stone signage are quickly increasing in popularity once again because of its several benefits, including durability, weather resistance, and attractiveness. Usually handcrafted, you can have these signs personalized to fit the purpose that you have in mind for these signs. When done well, you only need to do minimal or even no maintenance to make these signs as attractive as these were at the beginning, since wear and tear only make these look more distinguished. This article takes a look at some of the uses of stone signs.

Some of the uses of stone signs are:

  • Monument stone signs. Stone signs can be especially designed to serve as monuments or landmarks. Parks in particular usually have stone signage that will be able to enhance the beauty of the surroundings instead of ruining the ambiance.
  • Residential settings. Stone signage is also commonly found in residential settings, with the stone signs usually bearing the name of the residents of the house or the address of the place.
  • Headstones. As morbid as it may sound, another popular use of stone signage is as headstones on graves. There are even beautiful design stone signs that are especially made to show reverence to the person who has passed away.

While stone signs offer a lot of benefits and uses, these need to be made well in order to help you in achieving the purpose you have in mind for these. If done improperly, the sign on the stone will quickly fade, leaving you with nothing more than a large, beautiful, yet unadorned stone that won’t do anything for your business. 1StopSigns&Print is an expert when it comes to creating eye-catching signs.

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