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Gold Leaf Signs Making

Gold, known for its bright yellow lustre, has been used as money, in arts and as a precious metal for jewellery even before the earliest recording of human history.  It is a very versatile metal still used today as a measure for monetary wealth, as a conductor in electronics and because of its malleability, applied as gilded cover for pieces of art, temples and gold leaf signs.

Gold leaf signs are made by applying a thin metal sheet of gold (a.k.a. gold leaf) onto the sign through a process called gilding.  Gold leaves are so thin, breakable and sensitive to its surroundings that it takes an expert sign artist/painter to apply the gold without damaging it.  For commercial purposes a gold substitute, usually high quality gold paint or gold copper substitute, is used in place of actual gold leaves.

Gold leaf signs are made through the following steps:

1.       First, lay down a tarp or newspaper covering in your work area

2.       Apply the proper primer for your signs material (i.e. wood, metal)

3.       Outline your lettering with a ruler and stencils

4.       Paint your sign with your chosen colour and continue to add coats until primer is no longer visible

5.       Once the paint dries apply tape along the outline of each letter (be as accurate as possible as this affects the next step)

6.       Apply gold leaf adhesive to your first letter

7.       Apply sheets of gold leaf with the back of your thumb nail and touch up any imperfections in your work (i.e. flakes, spots)

8.       Repeat steps 6-7 until all letters are done then remove the tape

9.       Apply sealant to the sign to protect the paint and gold leaf

10.   Finally, display your sign

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